Bitcoin and forex trading with whaleclub

bitcoin and forex trading with whaleclub

Use these provided resources properly and treat them like real cash for you to be able to learn faster. The United States robot forex trading however is blocked, as are some other countries where trading is restricted in some way. What Can You Trade? Actually, the simplicity of this interface and process rivals that of a binary options trading platform, but the functionality is akin to a traditional Forex platform. Unlike 1broker, Whaleclub is most well known for its leveraged cryptocurrency trading, one of the few places open to US clientele. Choose which pair you want to trade with and you are good. It is simple to maintain accounts, and close/open positions as needed. Cryptocurrency CFDs, and all the rest, at WhaleClub. Successful traders attract followers.

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There is no order book or depth chart, though active orders may be seen by hovering the mouse over the instrument, as below. This bonus acts as a rebate, returning as cash back into the account 30 of negative PNL trades until the bonus is entirely used. Employees are subjected to background checks before they are hired, and undergo intensive training in security. Execution can be slow and unreliable. Yes, Whaleclub is legit. We can basically extrapolate from this to assume that any country where trading laws are particularly strict may be excluded. Their demo account is very easy since you do not need to register real information to use all the functionality of a real account.

Have a look at the best bitcoin futures exchanges, or compare the different derivatives platforms. Note that this is based on the entire portfolio, not position by position, and stop outs bitcoin and forex trading with whaleclub close the largest losing position automatically, until the position is back to above 50 margin. Whis is better: 1broker or Simplefx? Yes, no, yes, yes, deposit Currencies, bitcoin. Deposit Now for a 30 Rebate on Losing Trades If you still want to look around, check out our comparison of cryptocurrency CFD platforms. Company Name: SAS Global Trading Limited. In terms of margin calls simplefx follows a pretty standard format. Security, what does Whaleclub do to protect the security of your funds?

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This link opens up a help ticket submission screen where you can send them a message explaining what is going on and what issue you are having. So where does the trading platform go wrong? Just head on to their website and you are able to choose between their Real Account registration and Demo Account registration. No trading Fees, cons, does not accept Credit Cards, no Live Chat/Phone Support. Customer Support The biggest drawback I can find with Whaleclub is the fact that there seems to be no easy way to reach the company. Swap Rates Instruments 1Broker (long, short) Whaleclub SimpleFX (in pts) FXChoice eurusd l:.0154; s:.0154.05 l:-6.876; s:.015 l:.702; s:.413 usdjpy l:.0154; s:.0154.05 l:.555; s: -5232 l:.164; s:.546 gbpusd l:.0154; s:.0154.05 l: -5.21; s:.3321 l: -581; s:.305 audusd l:.0154; s:.0154.05. The user interface is amazing, the tutorial is excellent, and the features and functionality are great. Has been a great player in the Bitcoin industry since 2016 and has continuously impressed users and readers from the around the globe. Spreads on the most Popular Products. It is interactive, takes only a couple of minutes, is actually the best how-to tutorial I have seen anywhere for a trading platform.

If you have experience with retail trading online, you know that there are a lot of inconveniences and hassles that go with the bitcoin and forex trading with whaleclub territory. There is an email address specifically for regulatory compliance issues, so you can contact with specific questions. They also offer the largest array of asset classes and instruments, being a mainstream broker that decided to accept bitcoin payments, not vice versa as is the case with the rest of the brokers reviewed. This crypto-limitation allows for a number of excellent features. And of course, you do not need to be bitcoin rich to become a Whale the Club is open to anyone. 30 Bonus, get your Bonus here. And third, the ability to cut out financial institutions means there are no geographical restrictions to trading. For those holding a large percentage of wealth in cryptocurrencies, these markets allow for diversification into different instruments or hedging against cryptocurrency market fluctuations without needing to move into fiat payment channels. Bottom Line Whale Club has a smart little product that has become in a short time one of the most popular trading platforms in which trades are collateralized entirely in cryptocurrency.

bitcoin and forex trading with whaleclub

One-twenty fourth of this is collected every hour at the top of the hour, deducted from your margin. You can do all of this in just a few bitcoin and forex trading with whaleclub clicks. All keys are GPG and AES-256 encrypted and are kept on offline computers. Just click on the deposit tab which can be found on the lower part of your account and you will be provided with the details that you need to complete. 1broker is a bit of an outlier in the market, automatically assigning a forced stop-loss to minimize exposure. If you need help, visit the whaleclub homepage and at the bottom there is a contact us link. However, for those primarily in the market for mainstream asset classes, spreads and financing rates are a bit higher than whaleclub, though leverages offered on forex are extremely high, and they do offer a wide variety of bonds.

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Leverages are in line, though again there are some differences that might be meaningful to some. There is a wide variety of pairs for trading across multiple markets not limited to crypto the spreads are low, and customer privacy is paramount. What Types of Trading Are Available? In other words, if you have a dispute, in theory you can take the company to court and receive fair arbitration from BVI authorities. Obviously this is not ideal. For trailing stop loss, click on the icon next to stop loss, as show above. When you register an account, you are immediately granted a demo account. WhaleClub offers, in addition to multiple crypto pairs, trading in commodities, Forex, bonds, indexes, and select stocks.

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SimpleFX has a much more sophisticated platform offering more instruments for trade, and has a trading license with metatrader 4 for its traders. 1Broker, simpleFX, fXChoice, whaleClub. Headquarters: British Virgin Islands, official Website: Established in: 2016, on Whaleclub, you can trade cryptocurrencies, Forex, metals, stocks, and bonds, and you can do it all with Bitcoin or Dash. Because you are trading with a cryptocurrency of your choice, a lot of the hassles that plague traders at traditional fiat-based websites are avoided altogether. Now that you have been introduced to Whaleclub, lets take a closer look at what they have to offer traders. WhaleClub puts the Crypto in Cryptocurrency CFDs. Opening and closing trades is almost absurdly easy. This website is a crypto currency trading platform that means that they only transact with Bitcoin or Dash. You are looking specifically to trade mainstream assets with bitcoin deposits. 30 Bonus, bitcoin and forex trading with whaleclub get your Bonus here has been operating since 2016 as a trading platform that works with cryptocurrencies, forex, metals, stocks, and bonds. Deposits and withdrawals can be slow and expensive. Forex Broker Comparison, we compare four brokers who, after a pretty thorough examination of the market, we have determined to be the most important providers of mainstream asset classes to the cryptocurrency public.

Instruments 1Broker, whaleClub, simpleFX, fXChoice eurusd.0001.0002.00009.00024 usdjpy. gbpusd.0002.0002.00012.00025 audusd.0001.0009.00007.0002 gold. silver. oil. ftse100.4.8 Na djia 2 Na 3 Na nikkei Na Visit Broker Visit 1broker Visit Whaleclub Visit SimpleFX Visit FXChoice *classic account. If you have traded on websites which are fiat-based, you know the drillbefore you trade or withdraw funds, you usually have to submit a slew of documents which prove your identity. Traders can use a calculator prior to trading which shows where a stop loss would be set on any particular position; as a rule of thumb leverages of 100:1 usually force-close positions at a loss of 78;. Order instructions, take profits stop losses, bitcoin and forex trading with whaleclub and trailing stops, can only be placed post trade. You can set a stop loss and a take profit, and you can close out of a trade manually anytime. You are able to access their CS channel by scrolling down the main page and clicking on Contact Support. If you look at the user agreement on the website, down at the bottom there is a statement that the business is governed under the laws of the British Virgin Islands under the. Getting Started, trades are collateralized in either Bitcoin or Dash, the two cryptocurrencies accepted for deposit. Creating an Account and Trading, creating an account with is as easy as pumpkin pie. Each point has a different value, depending on the particular pair being traded. Customer Support does not offer any live chat support or phone support as they only have an email support team to help you with your account issues.

Dashbtc 5:1.55 3, ethbtc 5:1.04 3, ethusd 5:1.0 3, ltcusd 5:1.11 3, xmrbtc 5:1.5 2, forex (12 pairs) 222:1.0002-.03.5, eurusd 222:1.04.59 Commodities (8) 10-25:1.04-.44.07 (WTI.79) Bonds (4) 50:1.04-.06.05 Indexes (5) 10:1.03-.14.05-.07 Stocks. Well, there is one thing wrong with it, and that is that it can be a little slow. The trade slip offer market and limit trades with a drop down of all acceptable leverages. Of course for the real intense activities, best to be sitting across from the computer. There are a number of reasons a trader might prefer trading Forex or any of the mainstream asset classes for that matter using bitcoin rather than fiat as a base currency. You are then given the chance to walk through a quick tutorial right on the platform itself. The impression I get is one of transparency and simplicity. Leverages Offered Instrument 1broker WhaleClub SimpleFX FXChoice eurusd 200:1 222:1 100:1 100:1 usdjpy 200:1 222:1 100:1 100:1 gbpusd 100:1 222:1 100:1 100:1 audusd 100:1 222:1 100:1 100:1 gold 50:1 20:1 50:1 100:1 silver 50:1 20:1 50:1 100:1 oil.