Options trading strategies bible pdf

options trading strategies bible pdf

The concept is that in owning the stock, you then sell an Out of the Money call option on a monthly basis as a means of collecting rent (or a dividend) while you own the stock. Vega: Vega stands for the option positions sensitivity to volatility. Delta Delta (speed) is at its greatest the outer strikes and is zero around the middle strike. Xxxvi Preface Strategy by Strategy Each strategy is presented in a modular format. 1.4.7 Example abcd is trading.35 on May 12, 2004. Sell the put option with a strike price lower than the current stock price. Income Strategies.1 Covered Call Proficiency Direction Volatility Asset Legs N/A Novice Bullish Max Risk Long Stock Max Reward Strategy Type Capped Income! Sell the June 2004 30 strike call for.00. (Youre covered because you own the stock in the first place.) If the stock remains static, then youre better off because you collected the call premium. Higher returns are generated by good trading plans that are consistently executed time after time. 2.6.2 Context Outlook With Long Iron Condors, your outlook is direction neutral. For example, Trading Plan is referred to throughout the guides and is defined in the Glossary.

The bible of options strategies the definitive guide for practical

All options share the same expiration date for this strategy. The Bible of Options Strategies, Second Edition is practical from start to finish: modular, easy tonavigate, and thoroughly cross-referenced, so you can find what you need fast, and act before youropportunity disappears. If the stock rises, then your breakeven is the lower strike plus the net credit you receive. Far greater leverage than simply owning the stock. Ultimately its what you feel comfortable with.

The file will be sent to your Kindle account. Appropriate Time Period to Trade At least three months, preferably longer depending on the particular circumstances. Income Strategies Net Credit Premiums sold premiums bought.70 Maximum Risk Difference in adjacent strikes net credit.00.70.30 Maximum Reward Net credit.70 Breakeven Down Middle strike net credit.00.70.30 Breakeven Up Middle strike. The combined net credit serves to widen the area of your breakevensin other words, the Bull Put element helps the Bear Call element, and vice versa. The lower strike put that you buy is further OTM than the higher strike put that you sell. I would recommend that you buy other books. High leverage can be dangerous if the stock price moves against you. This book is not good as a reference due the errors which are such as to make the explanations incorrect in some parts. Steps In Try to ensure that the trend is downward and identify a clear area of resistance. X.y.7 Example Every strategy ends with an illustrated example. 9 10 The Bible of Options Strategies.2.2 Context Outlook options trading strategies bible pdf BearishYou are expecting a fall in the stock price; you are certainly not expecting a rise in the stock.

The bible of options strategies : The definitive guide for practical

A Long Iron Condor is the combination of a Bull Put Spread and a Bear Call Spread. One option contract represents 100 shares of stock and is usually a fraction of the cost of what youd pay for the equivalent number of shares. If the stock falls below your stop loss, then exit by selling the calls. Try to ensure that the trend is downward and identify a clear area of resistance. 35 36 The Bible of Options Strategies.4.6 Exiting the Trade Exiting the Position With this strategy, you can simply unravel the spread by buying back the calls you sold and selling the calls you bought in the first place. Steps In Try to ensure that the trend is upward or rangebound and identify a clear area of support. Another method is to buy only deep ITM options. Therefore, you want to trade this type of strategy in short time periods only.

A Short Call exposes us to uncapped risk if the stock rises meteorically, and brokers will only allow experienced options traders to trade the strategy in the first place. Ideally the stock will remain between the two middle strikes, with the maximum profit occurring if the options expire between these. Buy one higher options trading strategies bible pdf strike (OTM) call. However, there are nuances that must be understood before jumping into Diagonal Calls, and well cover these points in the Diagonal Call Guide. Covered Call looks like improve yield by substituting the stock for a deep ITM long-term call Naked Put buy put Bull Put Spread the opposite of which is Bear Call Spread Income Strategies Covered Short Straddle Bull Put Bear.

Market Outlook This is where we define whether a strategy is suitable to bullish, bearish, or direction neutral outlooks. Risk Profile Theta Theta Time decay is harmful to the position when it is profitable and helpful when it is unprofitable. Fundamental analysis involves the interpretation of how economies, sectors, and individual corporations are performing in terms of assets, liabilities, revenues, and profits. 2.1.2 Context Outlook With a Covered Call, your outlook is neutral to bullish. Chapter 6 identifies the ratio spreads and backspreads, where youre using increasing leverage to increase your returns. We can use puts and calls to ensure that we can make money if the stock goes up, down, or sideways. In other words, time decay is hurting the position of an option holder. 2.3.2 Context Outlook With bull puts, your outlook is bullish or neutral to bullish. Publishing as options trading strategies bible pdf Financial Times Prentice Hall Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458 Financial Times Prentice Hall offers excellent discounts on this book when ordered in quantity for bulk purchases or special sales. 2.4.5 Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages Short-term income strategy not necessarily requiring any movement of the stock. In short, there is nothing wrong with choosing a Covered Call as your staple strategy, and dont let option snobs tell you otherwise! Steps Out Manage your position according to the rules defined in your Trading Plan. StrikeLook for either the ATM or just OTM (higher) strike above the current stock.

Bible of, options, strategies : The Definitive

Often, such uncapped risk scenarios only occur if the stock falls to zero or rises to infinity, which mostly are rare circumstances, but youre better off being aware!! Therefore you receive a net credit because you buy a cheaper option than the one you sell, thereby highlighting that options are cheaper the further OTM you. Mitigating a Loss Either sell the share or sell the share and buy back the option you sold. Gamma Rho Rho Rho is positive, illustrating that higher interest rates would increase the value of the calls and therefore help the position. That simply isnt the case. 2.3.5 Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages Short-term income strategy not necessarily requiring any movement of the stock. Middle StrikeAs close to ATM (or where you think the stock will be at expiration) as possible.

This book is a must for any serious traders library. Key: Expiration Today 6 months Time(t) 1 month Risk Profile Theta Delta Vega Gamma Rho Theta Theta is positive, illustrating that time decay helps the short call position. Gamma is zero when the position is deep OTM or ITM (i.e., when Delta isnt moving). ExpirationGive yourself as little time to be wrong. (Remember that all the different strike prices are equidistant to each other.) Your maximum reward is the net credit you receive. Lower StrikeTypically.00 below the higher strike, but it can.50 below or more. Effect of Time Decay Time decay works with your naked sold option. 11 12 The Bible of Options Strategies.2.5 Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages If done correctly, you can profit from falling or rangebound stocks in this way. Your maximum risk is the price you paid for the stock less the premium you received for the call. Gamma is effectively an early warning to the fact that Delta could be about to change. These are for advanced and experienced traders only! Your maximum reward on the trade itself is limited to the net credit of the sold calls less the bought calls. From that point, logic kicks in, and our learning can progress exponentially.

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However, this is only really suited to professional-style traders who have the very best technology solutions and a lot of experience. Everything to do with OptionEasy and all my material is designed to be visual-friendly. This is by no means a risk-free method of trading, but it is a style that options trading strategies bible pdf enables profits to be taken regardless of the direction of market movement. A positive Rho means that higher interest rates are helping the position, and a negative Rho xxxviii Preface means that higher interest rates are hurting the position. Even the most complex techniques are explained with unsurpassed clarity making them accessibleto any trader with even modest options experience. You should take extreme care if holding an uncovered Short Call position because you will be exposed to uncapped risk potential. Use the same expiration date for both legs. If the stock remains below the strike but above your stop loss, let the call expire worthless and keep the entire premium.

From buying calls and puts to iron butterflies and condors, Guy explains these strategies in a clear and concise manner that options traders of any level can understand. Updated throughout, this edition contains new chapters assessing the current options landscape, discussing margin collateral issues, and introducing Cohens exceptionally valuable OVI indicators. If the stock falls below your stop loss, then exit the position by buying back the puts. He holds an MBA in finance from City University (Cass) Business School, London,. To Dominic and Lulu, who keep reminding me of their omission from the Acknowledgments of my first book! Appropriate Time Period to Trade Its safest to trade this strategy on a short-term basis, preferably with one month or less to expiration. Compare a one-month option to a 12-month option and divide the longer option price. 2.4.7 Example abcd is trading.00 on May 12, 2004. The reverse position is when we short a stock, in which case the opposite occurs.